Blog Introduction

The night silently and gradually moves towards a new day…a new ray of hope awaits…get up and get going says my heart each morning…you have to take the route less travelled…!

How boring can life be? I used to ask this question each day, few years back.  It haunted me again and again. I was fed up of that mundane life. I continued to survive or rather exist  with no vision, no clue about where I was heading. I had forgotten to LIVE and breath freshness.

“Routine is indeed very lethal and a very poisonous drug which kills you gradually day by day.”

When i decide to start this blog I had just one thing in my mind, my expression. I was sure that there are thousands of people like me out there, who are still searching the true contentment in life. So why not just share my experience, my thoughts so that I could reach and connect with you all “like-minded” people.

I have been a wandered in life. I love meeting new people, interacting with them and spreading smiles as I truly believe that bliss is just spreading happiness. So I chose to roam around, meet many people, learn, experience and grow each day.

This is not a travel blog but a dairy of my travel experience and I like to add a tint of humanity to every story, every experience. It also has some random experiences or thoughts that I have in my life.

My journey and experience are mostly  unplanned and I am not be too regular in posting a blog, though I do plan to at least post one blog per week, but I can assure you that whatever I write will indeed be an interesting read and leave you with a thought.

So help me, support me, to unfold my fears and commence his journey. Let us take this “Route Less Travelled”.


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