2015 in a Review!

2015 was a year of unbecoming in order to become that someone I always intended to!

I recently wrote an article on “Change is the only constant, then what is change?” which will be published soon on my personal blog “Live Love Believe”. What inspired me to write that post and to start my post mentioning about it, is that 2015 was a year of that biggest change in my life, change in my way of being. I accomplished that realization about self which I was searching for, and such that the motive with which I started this blog “The route less travelled” now comes to an end.

Yes, 2015 has been a year of challenges, less of travel but more of self-explorations, putting myself to the edge, confronting fake realities that I have been living into, and then towards the end of the year it was all about connecting with my spiritual self.

So is this the end of this blog as well? And the answer is a brutal YES.

My journey towards self-exploration through travel began 2 years back when I started this blog (read blog introduction here), and now it comes to a contended end in 2015. Though this is not an end in itself; it is actually a beginning to  embark this unknown route of leadership, empowerment and indeed lot of learning and self-growth. (More about this journey I would share during the later days on Jan 2016, so that I could focus more on 2015 here).

I was always inspired by those lines, “He/She gave up their corporate job to pursue their passion for travel” and 2015, for me, began with that mind-set — To give up my job and travel like a nomad. I was all set to take my first solo trip to Nepal, to explore the Everest Base Camp, when a friend made me do Landmark Forum. It was a tough choice, but my attachment for my career made me do it, before I could take on my nomadic lifestyle and then in March 2015 something changed, that was me.

I still believe that by choosing Landmark over solo travel was like choosing life over death as that very time when I had planned to be in Nepal, it was devastated by an earthquake.

What followed post Landmark Forum were Landmark Advanced Course in April and Self Expression and Leadership Programme (SELP) in June, where i took up Happy Travelling Girl as my community project.

I completed my curriculum of living, and people who knew me well could see me transform into a person they were never aware of. Some saw me more confident while some got present to my vulnerable sensitive side which was all hidden behind my “strong women” way of being.

I gave up my job in May 2015 without a notice period, and it was quite a scene, yet I cherish each and every memory of it. I realised that job was my easy way of survival and thus I never took another one. I shifted my base back to my hometown in June 2015 with an aim to work with dad.

Post June life was completely different. I wanted to run somewhere but was broke. I made more mistakes, cried over my choice of shifting back home, got frustrated more and more as a part of me wanted to run back to Mumbai and take up a job. I have had sleepless nights. Moreover since I opted to pursue my SELP from Mumbai, I used to travel to and fro every week for 3 months i.e. from July to September 2015. I had taken up Happy Travelling Girl as my community project in SELP which was a huge hit for 3 and half months, but I had lost my focus after that. Indeed this project taught me a lot and we will be re-launching it in early 2016.

Yes, life was not easy and I have always been a fighter. I fought my own self, my mind and to conquer it I resort to spirituality.

My Faith had increased tremendously during this tenure i.e. from March to mid-September and I spent meditating and healing myself (since I know first level reiki). I gradually surrender to this universe completely. I stayed and connected more with nature during my 20 days trip to Himachal during end of September, and otherwise as well, and saw it reciprocate. I connected with a few people; it was like a soul to soul connection, and got present to my own power.

Now, by the end of 2015, I am still broke but smiling confidently ready to that leap to pursue my dream. Good news is it is indeed related to travel and yes I will continue to write.

2015 you paid an important role in my life. I got present to what I thought I was, and then took steps towards becoming what I choose to be.

ADIOS 2015 with a big Thank You.

Lastly, Thank You to each one of you who contributed to my life in 2015 in some or the other way, knowingly or unknowingly.


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