That Ride across the city of Nagpur

It has been five and half months that I have shifted my base to Nagpur and today was a no unusual day in my so called laid back routine here. I came back home from my dad’s office and sat with mom. While our conversation was still on, I got a call from my cousin. “You wanted to go to watch the sunset right, come then I am near Ambazari only” she said. I thought for a moment, Ambazari that too on a two wheeler, “I don’t have a car Rakhi” I replied after a small pause. So what, come on your bike, was her reply. “Yaar, I am in no mood to ride a bike that too so far”, was my spontaneous reply. This is so not me; I thought and then I let it pass.

As I mentioned before, today was a usual day in my laid back life in Nagpur. Home had become my comfort zone. I hardly used to hangout here.  Most of my friends are married and settled out of town, and thus I have no motive to really go out and explore the city. My life revolved around home, office and back to home and yes few long drives twice or thrice a week.

Seven years of living amidst the hustle and bustle in Mumbai had made me a workaholic, such that I had a tough time adjusting myself to the laid back routine here.  Now this break for me is nothing less than a blessing in disguise. During the initial 2 months, I questioned always as to why I relocated here. I could have easily freelanced and survived in Mumbai. Moreover, I will keep travelling there every alternate month. But, gradually I stopped asking questions. I am getting the much wanted break to work on my writing skills, think through my travel related business plan and to work on my spiritual well-being and growth, what else do I want? While at times thoughts did hover my mind about of how laid back and irresponsible I have become.

I checked my phone again when I got a buzz from my cousin. She had sent a message saying that she will take an auto back home, and then suddenly I chose to get up and ride. It was a long ride, almost to the other end of the city and I felt I was running a bit late for watching the sunset.

“Take the route which you feel you should, don’t be calculative, just do what your heart says” suddenly a voice echoed inside me. This voice, I heard after so long. It inspired me to travel, to take the unknown paths in life, to explore and trust myself. I raced my bike and off I was on the roads of Nagpur. I was aimlessly taking the roads, most of them known, but yet not familiar. I was observing the minutest of the things happening around me.

The chilling breeze of Nagpur Winters, the fragrance of food, the cacophony of horns, the kids playing at the roadside, the people cycling back home after work, the shopkeepers loitering around their shops taking with the neighbors, this city was full of energy at this hour. But this energy was different, it was not that of hustle and bustle, but of fun and leisure. People were enjoying themselves.

At that moment I suddenly got present to what Nagpur had offered me, it taught me to take breaks and spend some leisure time esp. with family and me. It had taught me to cherish those small little joys of life, it taught me to be balanced. This city had thought me that no matter how important your work is, taking a break for others and yourself is equally important.

This city had a vibe of its kind and after 27 years I acknowledged it for teaching me to celebrate and enjoy the minutest things in life. I always believed that every place and every person you meet teaches you something in life and today I realised what role this city had played in my way of being. I have grown up here, I have spent those 20 crucial years of my life, those years that play in important role in molding a person into what he or she is. Those years that we term as upbringing.

Yes, I am one of those town girls who have big dreams and wings to fly, but at the same time have learnt to value relationships and memories over money.

At that thought I took the last left turn towards Ambazari  lake, parked my bike and rushed up the staircase to witness the sunset. My cousin was waiting for me there. I hugged her for making me take this ride and then looked around to cherish the serene beauty of nature. It was indeed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have witnessed till date.

Well, at this juncture there is someone else I need to thank for this ride as well, Team ASUS. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to explore ASUS ZENFONE2 Laser.

To all the travel and photography lovers, do have a look at the pictures below. The phone has amazing camera features which gave me some perfect sunset silhouettes and yes landscapes as well. So next time if I find it tedious to carry my dslr, I know I still can get some really amazing pictures to share.

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