The Train Stories – Spread goodness to keep it alive!

My last travel to Mumbai wasn’t in Nagpur-Mumbai Duronto but Sevagram Express. Since the train did have a halt at Kalyan, i decided to visit my cousin’s place to freshen up. It was a good choice indeed, as we spent two hours talking about life and childhood days.

I commenced my journey again, this time in a local train to Dadar, for assisting at Landmark. A night before I had made up my mind to wrap up my work early and loiter around in the city, meet new people and generate new stories. So my mind was already prepared, looking around for stories and experiences in the local train.

I was observing, least bothered to find a place to sit. The journey was long, but my body refrained from sitting. I had a thought that I might forget my backpack in the train, hence I was carrying it in the front (for those who are not aware, in Mumbai locals we do not carry our backpack on the back. We hang it in the front so that we do not create hindrance, for others as well as ourselves, while boarding the train).

It was a semi-fast local, which would only halt at certain major stations post Thane. Majority of the crowd was supposed to get down at Thane. A fellow passenger asked me to take her seat. She said, “Meine suna aap Dadar ja rahe ho, aap yahan beth jao, mein Thane utar rahi hun” (I overheard that you are going to Dadar, you can occupy this seat, I am getting down at Thane).

I always got a seat during my travel in local train, despite of not looking for one. I looked around if someone needed it, and then occupied it. Thane went, next was Ghatkopar.

The Train was now full, as in, exact number of people occupying exact number of seats, including the 4th seat. At Kurla, a lady boarded the train with a kid. I guess she was the first one to get in as behind her came the crowd. Amazed at the risk that she took of carrying a small kid in such crowd, I looked at her in awe and realized that she was tired.

For a moment I thought there is still time for Dadar, let me offer her the seat later, but my instinct refused. I got up and offered the seat. The lady sitting next to me at the forth seat also got up, giving her maximum space to sit and rest.

She thanked me and occupied the seat. I now looked at the kid and she smiled back too. I felt contented.

It reminded me of one of the lessons during school days regarding how a taxi guy makes the day of a passenger by treating him well, and leaves him with a thought to spread it but treating others well. Goodness, like a contagious diseases, can be spread, I thought and wished that in turn this lady would be good to someone she would meet today. I wished for the chain to continue.

And today while I write this post, I wish that, that chain of goodness is still alive somewhere, making a difference.

Nevertheless, if it doesn’t I can create one again, actually each one of us can 🙂


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