The Train Stories – Her Innocence!

An hour had passed since I had my last conversation with the fellow passenger about, as usual, travelling. We were 7 people all men, except me. Finding it uncomfortable to be the talkative one, I had engulfed myself into the book “My Experiments with Truth” by Mahatma Gandhi, completely amazed at his authentic sharing about his beliefs, experiences and indeed mistakes.

Every now and then I could hear a kid, a girl, laughing in the adjacent compartment. The person in front of me was having his dinner, the egg biryani that he took from a train vendor. He suddenly made a face and said “At least I expected the egg biryani to taste better!”. While I smiled, others unheard it.

It was then that the girl in the adjacent compartment laughed very loudly and said “Aisa nahi karene ka. Mein bacchi nahi tum sab ki amma hun” (You should not do this. I am not a kid but mother of all of you).

“Lol” was a unanimous response in our compartment too. While I turned to look around if the kid was visible, others started conversing, introducing each other.

I kept my book aside and participated as well. We started from our occupation, to engineering, to MBA, career, jobs, and entrepreneurship. Interestingly, when the conversation came to me, post my contribution about Digital Marketing, the biryani guy replied “Aapne to aapne aap ko cause ke liye devote kar diya hai, humne suna” (I overheard the conversation during that time, that you have devoted your life to cause).

I then introduced Happy Travelling Girl to them. They listened to me with great interest while I introduced the concept of solo travelling and how more and more women are getting into it. It was then that one of the fellow passengers shared contact of a lady biker based in Nagpur. 

Our conversations were on, but that girl was still a mystery to me. Time and again I thought of her, but there was no voice.  By the time we wrapped up our conversations and planned to sleep, the kiddo had already slept. I could not get a chance to see her, but her voice still echoes when I think of the moment.

Strange how her innocence initiated conversations between us that day, and I got introduced to a fellow lady motor biker based in Nagpur. I was searching for such travellers in Nagpur , via Twitter and FB but had a hard time. Strange that that mystery kid and her innocent talk got me connected to one.

I now wonder, if things happen for a reason!


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