Looking back to what I achieved in 2014

A year of change as i rightly call it, 2014 has given me many surprises and the necessary strength too. This year I explored the real me, fearless, carefree and adventurous. Today when I look back at this year, I feel so proud.

I guess what made this year so memorable were 4 things –

1) I came across my passion for photography and writing

2) Travel happened to me – this blog came into existence

3) I met so many people – most of them good, few bad and few inspiring

4) I learnt to accept my flaws, mistakes and my life and moved on

Travel has taught me to live in the moment, live to the fullest. It taught me to accept things in life and move on. Travel taught me to forget and forgive. It made me in sync with my soul.

Photography taught me the importance of a moment. It also made me realize that patience is the key to create your masterpiece but at the same time you need to keep your eyes and mind open.

Writing is my medium of expression, while people are my source of inspiration to write.

Thank you to all whom i met in this journey of 2014, thanks for all those moments and experience, thanks for molding me to  what I am today.


3 thoughts on “Looking back to what I achieved in 2014

  1. Lovely! A great combination of your passion for travel, photography & writing. Work on it to become a good professional. Explore some of the foreign scenic spots!

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