You my “Inspiration”

Earlier this week while I was making updates for one of my social media client, I was writing about having an “inspiration” in life.

While a kid, I had heard a lot from my teachers how important it is to have an inspiration in life. I used to observe all girls and women around, looking for one. Many friends in school admired senior “head” girls just cause they were good in sports and were liked by all, but it never interested me. At home i had many women around from my mom to my dadi to my aunts. But i never found any. I  thought may be inspiration is not my cup of tea and then I never searched for one ever.  

But then while I was making updates suddenly her picture came to my mind. Fearless, confident and always smiling, was she. I had met her at a phase of my life when I took up photography just as a hobby. I was confused. Ready to explore but yet directionless.

She taught me the first day to not just click what is visible, but think beyond. First two sessions and I could sense that I started looking for stories in my pictures.Later I came to know about her work. A photojournalist and a very deep writer, Mithila works independently on various national and international assignments of Development Agencies, NGO’s, etc. Her images, her writing, her experiences makes me restless. It makes me feel how much there is still to explore in life. Yes, finally I found my inspiration in her.

And then next day morning I read her status on Facebook “Just when I am about to start work, I run into some interesting blogs of people with crazy experiences, who are constantly living their passion – and I get lost in that world which leads to day dreaming”.

Experiences inspire us both i guess.



2 thoughts on “You my “Inspiration”

  1. My Inspiration is not a person … its “GOOGLE” … good you found some one who inspire you. But here i am totally dependent on the web. Good Post Krishna. Keep writing 🙂

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