The ironic “NO”

I have somewhat started hating this word “NO”.
When life around is so worth living this word has no importance in my life. So I get up every morning just wishing to do something new, with all the positivity and excitement, most of the time I end up hearing this irritating word.

Sadly it has never left me alone. Since the time I realised career is more important than marrying a rich guy, I have been looking for various career opportunities just to hear a “no” from my family. Fashion designing…no, interiors…no, events…no, nail art studio…no, photography and writing…still a no. I am glad I decided to stick to this and fight for it.

Then one day suddenly I hear an irritating friend (read ex) say…I think you are too friendly with everyone, learn to say no. I gave at him with a confused look and said I wish I learnt that long back and would have said a no to you.


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