The “Kalpavriksha”…the tree fulfilling the wishes

Mythology has always interested me. Not because I follow it, but because I get an opportunity to question the beliefs of the people esp. if they follow it blindly. No, I am not an atheist, I am a believer and have Faith in Him, but I just have an inquisitive mind.

Ohh sorry, I lost the crux here. This blog is about “Kalpavriksha”. Many of you would have heard about this mystique mythological tree that fulfills all the wishes.  It is believed that this tree emerged from Samudra Manthan i.e. churning of the ocean as per the Hindu Mythology.

When Indra, the king of the Devas, lost his kingdom, he went to Lord Vishnu, asking for help in order to get it back. Lord Vishnu had then advised him to churn the ocean to get “Amrita”. The deal was, the devas could drink the amrita and become immortal and thus regain their lost kingdom. In this churning of ocean, fourteen treasures emerged, the most important being Kalpavriksha – the wish-fulfilling tree.

I heard about this tree in one of the lessons in my school. Then I always use to think, what if this tree really exists; what will I ask? As I grew up, this tree become nothing more than a myth.

A few years back, during a family trip to Kutch, while we were on our way from “Mata nu Mad” to Narayansarovar, I heard my driver say “There is a Shiv Temple on the way at Dayapar. I have heard there is a Kalpavriksha near that temple. We must go and see it. We do have time”. This sounded exciting. I so wanted to see the tree. Suddenly all my childhood memories related to this tree my my wish, started rewinding in my mind.

I happened to ask my dad about the history of this tree and that is when I got to know about this churning of ocean thingy that I shared at the beginning of this post. It took us an hour to reach that place, asking for directions and hearing stories from people. My dad was having fun asking “what dod you wish” to the travellers who were coming back from this place.

We finally reached our destination and my eyes wandered around looking closely at all the trees that were present near that temple. When you search for something curiously, you happen to miss it, despite of that thing being so obvious and right in front of you, isn’t it? Everyone could see it, but me. And then my cousin patted me on my back and pointed towards the tree.

Ohh wait, did I see a halo behind it? Nah nah, it was just my imagination.

We got down, visited the Kamleshwar Mahadev temple and then headed towards this wide huge tree. It was decades old but its aura was so fresh and soothing. The green leaves provided calmness to the eyes. I kept looking at the tree until I finally reached, stood near it and touched it. What was the difference? I have seen many huge green trees in life, may be it was the environment of reverence that engulfed it.

An old lady standing near the tree, shared  about the history of the tree and how to worship it. If you are taking the leaf of the tree with you, don’t touch it when you are chumming, it begets bad luck. You need to wash and worship it every day. Yes, even I thought of plucking a leaf, to show it to my family and friends back home but her talks somehow demotivated me.  I thought it belong here and not probably at the temple of my house or in my cupboard. So I  just clicked a few pictures.

I then saw all my relatives touching the tree and making a wish. I was bewildered. What do I want to ask for, I thought. All I then I said is, “If at all you really fulfill wishes, just spread happiness and humanity in this world”.

Yes, I still doubted the very existence of the “Kalpavriksha”. I guess that is because I believe that nothing outside of you can alter you or give you what you want. It has to be achieved by you, by your actions.

The Kalpaviksha Tree
The Kalpaviksha
The single leaf of the Tree
The leaf of the Tree
The Old Lady explaining how to worship the leaf
The Old Lady explaining how to worship the leaf

2 thoughts on “The “Kalpavriksha”…the tree fulfilling the wishes

  1. Why doubt ??? If after that if you have seen Humanity and happiness in this cruel world then your wish is fulfilled. I heard about the samudra manthan but not about this Tree . Nice to know I may ask Lord Shiva to destroy the universe and to create a new one to Brahma and Vishnu .. is it possible ?

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