Spread smiles, spread happiness

Had heard this on Romedy Now
“Happiness is a state of mind. Devote just 5 mins a day to smile and after a point of time it will come natural.”

I was very impressed by this statement, but how much of it is actually true? Our mind is a plethora of thoughts and memories and most of it actually causes us nothing but worry, isn’t it? So how can we be happy?

When I was heart broken and completely lost few months back, almost confused where I was heading in life, I realised what actually happiness is. Without any thought, I had left my job and decided to go back home to my family – the people whom I had neglected the most in past 5 years. I found happiness the day I reached home, the satisfaction of being with my people, the smile on my parents face, the tears of pride in my mother’s eyes all gave me bliss.

Since I had nothing to do there, I spent most of my time listening to people – my family, my friends and whoever wanted a ear. I stood besides them smiling and assuring that life would make sense and that everything happens for a reason. Gradually I started spreading smiles and that bought a smile on my face as well. I did not realise for long that by actually listening and speaking to people I was discovering and exploring myself.

This is happiness, at least for me. Taking a halt, looking around, providing a ear to the person who needs someone who can hear them and spreading smiles. I may sound unrealistic but try it. May be just start by listening to your wife or kid, assure them, motivate them and see how happy you feel.

So yes devote a little time in a day listening to someone and making them smile and then happiness will come to you naturally 🙂


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