Happened to drive through the “Golden Bridge”

In January I had planned a road trip to Kutch from Surat with my parents and a few relatives, fascinated by the “Rann Mahotsav”. I had recently got a Nikon DSLR and though I did not have a clue of how it worked, I wanted to go and capture the culture of “Gujarat”.

It was almost a hour and half since we started our trip when we took a halt at a tapri like place near Bharuch. I got down of the car and saw small stalls selling some eatables like namkeens, corn, etc. We sat there at a table when my uncle got some delicious corn bhel followed by some chana and peanut bhel too. Wow, it looked, smelled as well as tasted delicious. You must try it indeed. They have around 10-15 varieties of bhel available there.

While i was enjoying my bhels as well as tea, I saw some yellowish structure ahead. I was gazing at it when my cousin told me that we are near the “Golden Bridge” at Narmada river. I had been doing road trips too and fro from Surat often but was not aware of this bridge. Not asking much, we commenced our journey again and as i took my seat I googled about the structure.

Golden Bridge, also known as Narmada Bridge has been existing since 132 years and is still steady. It was built by the British in 1881 for better access to trade and administration officials in Mumbai. Its construction had commenced in 1877 and it cost turned out to be Rs 45.65 lakh.

Earlier, before the construction of the new National Highway, this bridge was the part of National Highway but is now used for daily transportation by the people of Ankleshwar and Bharuch since heavy traffic is avoided through it.

Below are few pictures that I managed to take. They aren’t that great since I was just a passionate photographer then 😛



3 thoughts on “Happened to drive through the “Golden Bridge”

  1. I usually visit Gujarat … as a foodie i love guju foods and last time i tried “athela marcha” but never heard of this corn bhel…. sounds mouth watering . Yeah awesome shots even i got some pics of the same bridge. Keep posting 🙂

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